light bulb Tweak Designs & Signs: Graphic Design & Sign Printing in Saskatoon

We are proud supporters of local business with fresh, creative design from our Graphic Design team. At Tweak Designs and Signs your brand is important to us, and promoting your brand with amazing visuals is what we do! We Tweak it til you like it!

This sign company can take care of all your printing and graphic design needs, even if it is as small as a business card or as large as a highway sign.

Nicole and Trevor Peterson have taken over operations, bringing excitement and energy that they are eager to share with their customers.

  • Nicole understands how to focus on the important – creating an effective visual, highlighting how many children use the Food Bank, while keeping with a Christmas theme.
    C. Ransom Ranco Mfg.
  • Having worked with Nicole for several years, I have absolute confidence in her design work, efficiency, and professionalism. Whether given specific instructions or vague outlines, the finished product always exceeded my expectations.

    Norm Shuttleworth Former Producer / Director CTV Saskatoon
  • Working with Nicole was an absolute pleasure. We were able to sit down, and after telling her what I wanted, she started to create. She was patient and understanding as she provided proofs to help me find out exactly what I wanted. She made something absolutely beautiful and totally perfect for my project. I will use her graphic design services again.

    Grace Folkins Filmmaker

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