Print Services

Tweak Designs & Signs has print services for your business!

Capture and keep the eyes and the attention of your intended audience with top-quality banners, posters, signs, stickers and more: printed right here in Saskatoon!

Custom Signs

Storefront Signage

There are many options available for your storefront sign. Tweak Designs and Signs can help you choose the best one for you! We make everything from LED box signs to outdoor PVC signs. We can help you design, create and install your sign at competitive rates.

Some of our outdoor signs options

  • Sign Cans
  • LED Box Signs
  • Backlit Sign Boxes
  • Pass-Through Acrylic Signage (Pass-Thru Signs)
  • Halo-Lit Channel Letters
  • Acrylic Letters
  • ACP Signs
  • PVC Signs

Property Management Signs

Who can we make property management signs for? Hunting lodges, property managers, brick-and-mortar shops and municipalities are among our clients. We print parking lot signs for apartment and condo complexes – but that is only the beginning! We make speed limit signs, stop signs, handicap parking signs and washroom signs. Issue safety warnings, mark trails and more. We can handle one-off jobs and bulk orders. Contact us today to get started.

Coroplast Signs

Contractors place coroplast signs on their client’s property while performing a service. Politicians use them to advertise their candidacy during election time. Realtors use them to sell empty lots and even houses. We make coroplast signs in many shapes and sizes for Saskatoon businesses. Will yours be next?

Banners and Banner stands

We can help you with a new banner stand or update an old one for you. We use high-quality, non-curl banner material for all our banner stands. This will ensure you get a nice smooth look that is durable and long-lasting. The options don’t end there. We can produce a wide variety of printable banners for almost every use.

Other Banner Ideas

  • Championship banners
  • tradeshow banners for backdrops or table fronts
  • banners to hang on fences
  • banners for light standards
  • and more.
Yard Signs (real estate)

Sign Material Examples

Sign Material List

  • Coroplast
  • Alupanel
  • Banner
  • Lexan
  • Vinyl
  • Sintra
  • Magnetics
  • Canvas

Other Business Printing Services

Wraps and Vehicle Decals

A vehicle wrap is a tremendous way to advertise your business or organization! More people will see your vehicle than a billboard. The cost of a wrap, which lasts 3-5 years, is about the same as renting a billboard for three months.

Tweak Designs and Signs is here to help you get a high return on your advertising dollars. We can help you with all your vehicle advertising and fleet needs, from design to application. You can go for a full-coverage vehicle wrap or a few well-placed decals.

More Advertising Opportunities

Vinyl wraps work on a lot of things. We can help you spread your message in malls, rinks, gyms and showrooms. Think of all the opportunities to wrap walls, lockers, etc. with your message.

sticker application

Printing Product Examples

Print Products List

  • Trade Show Banners
  • Posters
  • Decals/Stickers
  • Sandwich Boards
  • Sidewalk Signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Invitations
  • Many More…

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